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Working Visa KITAS (index 312)

This type of visa is issued to the employing company for a certain foreigner employee to work in a specific position.

Work visa is issued for a specific position in a certain company, so it’s impossible to get a work permit KITAS before employment. You should find a job or start an own company to apply for KITAS.

Following the national government policy of native cizitens priority in job applicancies, companies willing to hire foreigner should proof the necessity of hiring a foreigner for the required positon. Some positions are totally not awailable for foreigner applicancies, other have quotations.

Work permition can be issued for different period, can be extandable or not. It depends on different facts, please contact us for personalized consultation on your request.

In some cases you can apply for 5 years working visa that is extended yearly. At this moment this 5 years KITAS can only be obtained in following situation:

  • You are a director for PMA type of company in Indonesia.
  • You are a qualified personnel with both degree & min 5 years of experience in the same area that you are going to work in Indonesia.

How to receive a working visa


Getting Telex

After RPTKA expatriate manpower employment plan and its term of validity are established, the applicant should pay fee 100 USD per month and apply for work permit, than get IMTA and TELEX to obtain a working KITAS.

TELEX is requested for a certain Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia abroad where you are planning to get your visa and should be confirmed by Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta, process will take around 10 working days.

Documents required from the hiring company for Kitas TELEX issuing:

  • Copy of itas online
  • Scan color of Wajib Labor (WL) – Mandatory Manpower Report
  • Scan color copy of Insurance (min valid 1 month)
  • Scan Bachelor Degree certificate in English (legalize)
  • Scan Reference letter min 5 years or certificate specialist of occupation
  • Original Domicile Letter from Banjar
  • Money Tax DPKK USD 12,00 (only accept new dollar series)
  • Stamp company
  • Scan color of AKTA, SK Menteri, Izin Usaha, NIB, NPWP, SKTU Company
  • Scan color copy ID Director
  • Scan cope ID of employee and photo with red background as assistant of foreigner
  • Scan color copy ID of thr accounting
  • Scan color copy ID of HRD (Human Resource Development)
  • Bank Statement
  • Detail information of foreigner such as email, phone number, address in Bali, location of Telex, ares of working, and occupation
  • Blank letterhead company (including email, address, phone number)

Documents required from the applicant for Kitas TELEX issuing

  • Passport valid for minimum 18 month from the date entry to Indonesia
  • Copy cover of passport and first page of passport
  • CV  (Curriculum vitae) in English language

For each document that you provide (insurance, bachelor, reference letter), possible to do ACC for each 500.000 IDR


Visa obtain in in Embassy or Consulate abroad

Required documents:

  • Passport valid for minimum 18 month from the date entry to Indonesia
  • Photocopy of the main passport page
  • Photocopy of the passport page with stamp of entry to the country where you apply
  • Filled application form (blank should be provided by embassy / consulate)
  • 2 photos passport size
  • Ticket to Indonesia
  • Visa fee (105 USD, paid in the currency of the country where you apply, can vary)

Visa that the applicant will get at this stage is called VITAS, after entry to Indonesia, it will be converted from VITAS into ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas, a temporary stay permit) in the local Immigration Office, applicant should get a MERP (multiple re-entry permit) and a KITAS card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas).


Visa registration

After getting VITAS and coming to Indonesia, applicant should come to Immigration office not later than 7 days after arrivaal date to register his visa and get a re-entry permit (mandatory).

Extension and closing of work KITAS type 312:

  • Procedure of extension should start not later than 2 month before expiration date
  • Documents required are same as for the first issuance
  • Work KITAS should be closed properly before expiration date


  1. Work permit fee is 100$ for each month.
  2. In you KITAS it will be stated who is your Employer and what job you gonna carry. You are NOT allowed to work for other companies or do other jobs on this KITAS.
  3. If you received 6 months KITAS you are required to leave the country within this 6 months period. In case if you have leave a bit later you have get a permission from Immigration office and pay the overstay. You will be required to provide your return ticket.
  4. If you received a 1 year KITAS you are required to apply for closing this KITAS before you leave the country.


  • Processing set of documents for KITAS issuance +
    Re-entry permit 9 500 000 IDR  ~ 670 USD
  • Work KITAS extension 7 500 000 IDR ~ 530USD
  • Closure of KITAS  800 000 IDR ~ 60 USD

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