отдых на Острове Бали

Indonesian Tourist Visa (30 days)

Indonesia provide free visa to enter Bali (Indonesia).
For Citizens of : Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine,
Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and etc.
if you plan to stay more than 30 days as a tourist ,
better buy Visa On Arrival in airport (VOA) at USD 35
And we can help you to Extend Visa On Arrival (additional 30 days)

According to Indonesia Immigration law, overstay is subject to pay penalty per day basis,
for long overstay can be sent to detention center and prosecuted according immigration law,
also subject to be deported and be blacklisted to enter Indonesia again.

NotesEntering Bali-Indonesia Passport not less than 6 months validity from the date of return

Indonesian Visa types

Visa Extension
Visa On Arrival (VOA)

Social Visa
Social Visa Extension I & II
Social Visa Extension III & IV
Social Visa Package (Incl Sponsor, I, II,III,IV Extension)
Sponsor Letter Only
Social Visa – Telex Visa
Social Visa Telex – Speed Up

Business Visa
Multiple Entry Visa 1 Year – without sponsor
Multiple Entry Visa 1 Years – with sponsor
Single Entry Business Visa 6 Month – with sponsor only
Speed Up process

Working Visa/KITAS
Working & Stay Permit & Exit 1 year
Working & Stay Permit & Exit 6 bulan
Extension Working & Stay Permit & Exit 1 year
Extension Working & Stay Permit & Exit 6 bulan
Family Kitas (sponsor company) & Exit 1 year
Family Kitas (sponsor company) & Exit 6 month

Family Kitas
Sponsor Wife & Exit Permit 1 year
Sponsor husband & Exit Permit 1 Year

Retirement Visa
Visa Closing Procedure
Exit Permit Only ( EPO ) 1 year
Exit Permit Only ( EPO ) 6 month
Speed Up process available

Other Services
Indonesian Passport
Report to Change Address in immigration Ngurah Rai
ACC for change sponsor / overstay / speed up process
STAMP for change sponsor
Cancellation extension visa
Newborn baby registration
Report to Disnaker
Driving License
Indian Visa 3 Month

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