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Social Visa Type 211

Social visa type 211  should be applied and obtained before coming to Indonesia, you will get 2 months first and then can be extended each month until total stay are 6 months in Indonesia, it’s impossible to get this type of visa while staying in the country. To obtain a Social Visa, you need to get a sponsorship letter – an official invitation from a local citizen.

We can provide sponsorship documents with costs 350,000 Rupiah. To prepare documents for you, we only need a photo of your passport, the date of application and payment*

How Apply for  Social Visa?

You should visit one of the Indonesian embassies abroad and provide the following documents:

  1. Passport valid for minimum 6 months from the date of entry to
  2. Photocopy of the main passport page
  3. Photocopy of the passport page with stamp of entry to the country
    where you apply
  4. Sponsorship letter (we can provide with cost 350,000 Rupiah)
  5. Photocopy of sponsor’s ID/KTP
  6. Bank account statement can be required in some embassies
    in Indonesian Embassy in Moscow require amount of 3000 USD
    in the Bank account at 1 person (recommended amount).
  7. Visa application form (provided in embassies)
  8. 2 photos 3×4 cm with red background
  9. Ticket to and from Indonesia (after 60 days)
  10. Payment of visa fee (55 USD)

To be sure what kind of documents you need and how long the process takes, you need to contact the embassy of application directly and know the list of required documents.

Social visa has an entry window of 90 days from the issue date, which means that you should enter Indonesia in 90 days from the day when you got it. It is single entry visa only, which means that leaving the country with valid visa will cancel its validation and your holder will not be able to re-enter country using this visa.

In some Indonesian embassies (for example, in Moscow and certain countries of Europe), you must additionally provide a legalized invitation Telex. The cost of this type of Telex 1,750,000 Rupiah – clearance of 10-12 working days and 2,500,000 Rupiah – clearance of 3 working days.

*For Information. For following countries a sponsor letter cannot be issued: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan.


How to extend your visa in Bali

All you need to do is bring your passport to any of our offices before your visa expires, and we will take care of all the paperwork. You will need to show up at the Immigration Office only once for fingerprints and our manager will accompany you and take care that you won’t be waiting in a queue.

  • One extension costs 800,000 Rupiah (56 USD) immigration fee already included. Process takes  around 2 weeks.
  • Express service available at the cost of 1,100,000 Rupiah (3 business days) and 1,300,000 Rupiah (1 business day).


Normal Process

Preparation day: you brought your passport to any of our offices or our courier collected your passport and payment
Day 1: we submitted documents for extension to the Immigration Office
Day 5-10: you showed up to the Immigration Office for fingerprinting. We informed you the day before.
Day 10-15: the passport is ready (we sent you a confirmation). You picked up passport from our office or our courier delivered it. You can also keep your passport in our office if you need more than one visa extensions

Also Available Express 1 Day & 3 days

Contact :
Phone  : +62 851 0079 1560
Email : info[at]jasminetur.com

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