отдых на Острове Бали

“Wedding Certificate” in Bali Civil Office

Requirements :

  1. CNI certificate from Consulate
  2. Copy passport & KTP bride & groom
  3. 5 pieces of couple photos size 4×6 cm together.
    pose the groom on the right side of the bride (background red)
  4. Copy of Religious Marriage certificate.
  5. Copy of 2 witness passport & ID card (foreign and local)
  6. Translated birth certificate bride/groom
  7. Police Registration Letter -Surat Tanda Melapor Diri (STMD) from POLSEK both bride & groom
  8. Support letter from agent organizer
  9. Photo copy Passport/KTP, KK (For Indonesian)
  10. Certificate not yet marry N1-N4 from Village/Kelurahan or Civil Office for Outside Bali Resident
  11. —– Fill Civil Office Wedding form.‎

Process of Wedding : Around 10 days after fill form
Process of making Wedding Certificate : Around 1 week after wedding

For make Religious Mariage & Bali Civil Office Wedding Certificate,
Please contact us :

Contact  :

Phone : 0851 0079 1560
Email : info[at]jasminetur.com

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