отдых на Острове Бали

Official Religious Wedding

Religious Certificate of Marriage requirements

For foreigner requires:

  1. Copy CNI (certificate of no impediment) from related consulate
  2. Copy passport
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Copy divorce letter (if already divorce)
  5. Copy baptism certificate
  6. if already being baptized and do not have letter of baptized, must have
    letter from parents that explain she/he already baptized before.
    if never been baptized so he/she must make request to be baptize letter
    to Sinode GKPB and then being baptize by Sinode GKPB


For Indonesian requires:

  1. Letter of transfer letter from which church congregation she/he come from
  2. Copy baptized letter
  3. Copy N1-N4 from sub district/village (kelurahan) where she/he stay
  4. Copy KTP /Passport
  5. Copy KK
  6. Copy KTP both witness
  7. Copy birth certificate
  8. Copy divorce letter (if divorcee)
  9. If already baptized but do not have baptized letter, must get letter
    from church who baptized explaining that you have been baptized in
    this particular church.


If you need Church Blessing & Religious Certificate,
Please contact us : info[at]jasminetur.com