отдых на Острове Бали
Wedding in Bali Свадьба на Бали

Wedding in Bali


Wedding In Bali


Wedding in Bali Available 2 types of  wedding in Bali  :

  • First Legal Wedding with wedding certificate,
  • Second Wedding ceremonial only

[For ceremonial wedding normally organize by wedding organizer, most case the client have done  the legal wedding in Their country, and normally the clients want the ceremony performs in Balinese style or western style. (if need wedding organizer contact us)]

Official Wedding also 3 types:

  • Russian legal Wedding, will be done only in Embassy and get official wedding certificate.
  • Also possible for Both Foreign citizen, wedding in Bali and get Indonesian wedding certificate.
  • Mix nationality marriage (marriage between Foreigner and other citizenship) And get Indonesian wedding certificate

Mix Marriage Legal Wedding in Bali 

Indonesian Marriage Law states that a marriage is legitimate if it is performed according to the religious beliefs of the husband or wife, which acknowledged by the Indonesian Government and confront to the laws of the countries of the parties involved.
The legal wedding is able to be performed in Christian Protestant manner, Moslem or Buddhist. Marriage between different religions is not allowed in Indonesia, both spouses must declare the same religion.

The process of Legal wedding in Bali :

    1. Get Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) from consulate, process 3 working days.
    2. Get Church Blessing/Wedding conduct by priest and get “Religious certificate of marriage”
      Religious Certificate of Marriage requirements
    3. Proceed to get Official “Wedding Certificate” from Bali Civil Office.
      Documents Required for Bali Civil Office

CNI document requires :

  1. Original International Passport
  2. Passport/ID/KTP of future Husband/Wife
  3. Birth Certificates
  4. Divorce Certificate (if divorcee)




Notes :
The wedding & birth certificates, notarial & power attorney documents produced by Indonesian authority,
Is not valid in Europe  in order to be valid need to legalize it.

**If you need make Official Wedding Documents/Certificate  Please contact us**


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