отдых на Острове Бали

Visiting  Bali Tips


  • Before you make a reservation in Bali Check the expiration date
    passport, it must be more than 6 months of validity, if less
    you are in danger of being deported from Indonesia or you may
    be refused
    in flight to enter Bali -Indonesia from any transit country.




  • Always carry a little cash in your wallet,
    also use a credit/debit card for for other payments/shopping
    When you arrive in Bali, it is recommended that you do not take your passport to
    excursions, clubs, shopping centers, a photocopy of a passport is enough.
  • Leave your valuables including passport in a safe for storage
    valuables in your hotel / room / villa (or ask for a safe at the reception).
  • Always use sunscreen, especially when planning to swim,
    sunbathing or outdoor excursions.

  • Take mineral water all the time to avoid dehydration.
    Always use a taxi meter when moving around the island to
    avoid excessive situation.
  • always pay attention to your mobile phones, recommended while in
    motorbike the driver and passenger not  talking by phone.






  • Money Changer – Count your money at least 2 times upon receipt
    change in a money changer in a crowded tourist area.
  • Before you plan to go to Bali, when you purchase a ticket,
    arrange travel insurance according to your length
    travel to Bali (Indonesia) for a safer trip.
  • Always ask your agent or guide for recommendations.
    (where you can have a good lunch, shops, excursions).
  • Avoid alcohol and drunk driving in Bali due to very
    high cases of accidents in Bali.
  • If you plan to stay at the Villa make sure you check
    the villa has 24 hour security; the villa is guarded 24 hours a day




  • Entering Indonesia allowed to import alcohol 1 liter per person
  • Allow to bring cash into/out of Indonesia up to : 1,000,000,000 rupiah. 
    If you bring more than 100 million you must report, fill in in the customs
    card before entering Indonesia Immigration desk. and not more than 1,000,000,
    The same equivalent to a different currency per adult, you should declare in the customs card.
    and report to the customs officer if you do not report
    ,  it will be subject to the penalty 10%